AdSense ads not visible while logged in

I noticed this alert when I was watching a video today at, the message read exactly like this: "To prevent accidental and fraudulent clicks Google AdSense ads are not visible while logged in". Well, this can mean nothing, but can also mean something. Apparently it is a good step taken by authority. But this also means, the good number of members logged into never sees AdSense ads. Only logged out members and visitors from other sources can only see the advertisements from Google.

Have You Put Your Wordpress Blog at Risk?

Every day, many self hosted Wordpress blog owners use search engines to find new and attractive themes for their blogs. Some bloggers settle for free themes while some go for pirated editions of premium wordpress themes. But what many of them doesn't know is that they are unknowingly putting their beloved blogs into possibilities of high risk. Even if there's no big risk, there's enough chance that you're sending outgoing links to some sites which you don't know at all. Yes, you maybe giving back links to evil people who stole links from your site without telling you.

Webmasters beware of image copyright infringement

You must have used images obtained from the internet, like Google image search, and used in your websites. If you say you never did, then either you don't have a website or you are telling open lies. It is so deeply rooted that every one of us, whether knowingly or unknowingly, have, some time in our lives, infringed image copyrights. It is very normal and very common in new and even long time webmasters that images are obtained and used from image search engines. Some proud webmasters claim they never did this. Its actually their ego that holds them from accepting a basic truth and sometimes they deny due to fear or law.

Buying traffic? Buy from Google and never get penalized!

Ok this is a naughty thing to do but never illegal or unfair. You can 'buy traffic' from Google, you know roughly how many people visit Google every day, don't you? You can make use of Google's traffic and bring them into your websites or blogs. Google has given us a way to do it through a proper channel so that you don't get penalized. Wondering how is this possible, how is Google selling traffic?

What has happened to webmasters?

I wonder what has happened to the Webmasters around the world. A very high percentage of webmasters build their websites due to some other motive than the subject matter of their websites. Most important of that 'other motive' is earning money. No I am not saying that the desire to earn money is not fair. But quality of web content is on the downward angle. So much as content quality is going down, the graph of demand for SEO is going upwards.